The Future is Unwritten

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The Late Great Joe Strummer said those words – and he was right. The future is just out there, around the corner. But the tools to take us there aren’t always ahead of us. Some of the best ones are behind us. Truth, commitment they came before spellcheck and saving to the cloud. Typewriters, polaroids, […]

Pass the Suace

The sound of righting a wrong

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You only get asked so many times before people stop asking. Years ago a friend who was in a fairly successful band, like with albums and t-shirts asked me to, ‘come play with them sometime.’ It was one of those questions that everyone who messes around with music in the basement secretly hopes somebody might […]

My Grandfather - Howard Kennedy

The Belt

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  (please listen to this while you read) It’s just a shitty old belt. I don’t know what store it was bought from. It’s older than me and I don’t know much about it. Yet it’s one of the most important things I own. My belt, the belt I wear on special occasions and when […]

Source TeeVee

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Hello Blogland, it’s been a wee while since I checked in. And for good reason – busy times around the ranch. I’ve got a new project on the go and besides filling my days, it’s also got me really excited. I’ve been the Editor of The Source Magazine for a few years now, after writing […]


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It’s been a while since I posted an update about my dad. Thankfully – no news was good news. Last week dad had his surgery and it was 100% successful – they removed the cancerous tumour from his large intestine and didn’t find any other cancer while they were in there. That was a huge […]

Updates and Operations

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Wow – what a few days. Since I first let the world know that dad was sick I’ve been inundated with messages, notes, texts, emails, calls and visits of support. All the hugs, both real and virtual have all felt amazing. Thanks, thanks to all of you who reached out, all those of you who […]

The C Word

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It’s a phrase I’ve used a million times. I’ve spun it out more times than I can count over the years. But it wasn’t until today that I fully got it. ‘It hit me like a ton of bricks’ finally made sense just before lunch when my Dad phoned me up and said three simple […]