Hi I’m Scott Kennedy and this is my website. This is a website about what I do and also about stuff that I like, stuff that inspires me and stuff that makes me laugh (sometimes all four at the same time). I like to make things, that’s probably the best way to describe what I do for a job. I write stuff for magazines – some of which you’ll have heard of and flipped through at the dentist’s office. I used to write Travel Guidebooks for a big company that makes lots of travel guidebooks – it was brilliant fun; I got to compare and contrast youth hostels, private islands and fancy restaurants from Alberta to Zanzibar and lots of other places that start with the other letters. These days I write about travel and adventure and politics and art and music and whatever else is interesting to me (and the folks I work with). I write for magazines and websites and hand carved stone tablets whenever I have the opportunity.

I take pictures of my friends doing cool stuff like skiing, mountain biking and smiling. I also take pictures of pretty things like mountains at sunset and broken shopping trolleys in dirty back alleys. My pictures end up in magazines as editorial and advertising. Sometimes they end up as posters and billboards and the packaging for stuff you probably didn’t really need to buy. Some of my pictures end up in galleries and other peoples walls. Lots of my pictures end up on the web where they get used to tell visual stories, act as desktop backgrounds and in PowerPoint presentations for people who didn’t ask me first.

I like to make movies too. I make movies about all the stuff I like to write about and take pictures of. Some of the stuff I do is commercial – as in commercials – but mostly it’s short subject documentaries, short fictional films and action sports stuff.

This would be a good place for my ‘Brand Value Statement’ – trouble is, goals change and I’d rather speak louder with my work then what I intend to do with my work. So in lieu of a blanket statement, here are the three goals I have with every project and what I strive to achieve.

1 – Do the best work I can. I work really hard to push myself creatively and produce work that I’m really psyched about. I’m not punching a clock here – I only work on projects that I’m inspired and excited about.

2 – Hand my work in on time. In the grown-up real world handing your homework in on time is a no brainer.

3 – Be a good guy to work with. There are too many dicks in the world, I try to not be one of them. I work bloody hard, but there is always time to have a laugh, return emails as soon as I can and do all the other stuff that makes the lives of everyone I work with pretty fun.

Oh yeah, here’s a bit about me if you’re interested. I’m originally from Calgary, Canada (Yahoo! Eh.) and for the past decade I’ve called Queenstown, New Zealand home. I graduated from Mount Royal University in Calgary from the Outdoor Pursuits Program – in other words I have a post-grad diploma in fun. Skiing, Climbing, Mountain Biking, Hiking and stuff like that – basically take a walk around REI or MEC and I can justify owning just about every piece of gear you see. After that I moved to Victoria, British Colombia where I went to The Western Academy of Photography graduating from the Professional Photography Program. I learnt my craft of photography way back when we used this strange substance called ‘film’ (pronounced FFF-ill-mmm). So I’ve got the fundamentals covered and have grown with an industry that changed in almost every possible way in the last decade (good ways and bad). We did a bit of writing in there too, but that’s a skill I’ve mostly picked up on the fly. And if you’ve read this far I must be doing okay. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

After all that school I did a whole bunch of interesting things that lead me here – I lived in the Caribbean for a while working for a SCUBA diving company, I worked as a ski instructor and a mountain guide. I sold T-Shirts, cut lawns and worked in a pesticide factory (that’s in there to tell you that I understand hard work, or something…) These days I live here in Queenstown where I write, shoot pictures and make films. I go skiing when the snow is good, mountain biking when its warm and surfing when I need to remember I grew up in the mountains. I play the guitar, ice hockey (eh!), collect vintage typewriters, read books I like and hang out with my awesome family and family of friends.

So that’s me – I only like to work with cool people on great projects – if you are cool and your project is something that’ll get me psyched – give me a yell – I’ll even shout you a coffee just to have a yarn about it.

Here’s some stats and bullet points for the back of my hockey card:

Folks I’ve worked with over the years:

Lonely Planet (Canada, The Caribbean, Hawaii, New Zealand, Flightless Travel, Best of Travel, etc.), New Zealand Mountain Biker, New Zealand Road Cyclist, V02Max, Fitness Life, NZ Climber, NZ Alpine Journal, Powder, Bike, Outside, Wild Isle, The Press, Stuff.co.nz, Gogobot, Jetsetter, The Source, Wilderness

Some more stats:

Number of published articles: 500+

Website page views: 20,000 per month (some of them aren’t even related to me!)

Books published: 12

Favourite number: 19

Age: 36

The number that comes after 8: 9


I’m available for freelance commissions for writing, photography and film work. If you’ve got something on the go that I could help out with – give me a yell.

Who is Scott Kennedy? from Scott Kennedy on Vimeo.

Writer, Photographer, Filmmaker & Adventurer Scott Kennedy.

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